About Us
about us

Today’s business marketplace is fast-paced and global in nature.

All American Logistics (AAL), is a licensed and bonded freight broker, specializing in transportation and logistics services that assist our customers to meet their needs in this dynamic environment.

We provide over 40 years of transportation experience to every opportunity. The staff at All American Logistics is committed to satisfying our customers' needs and dedicated to operational excellence at all levels.

All American Logistics is a financially stable business partner. We have the experience and ingenuity to assist our customers in the movement of their freight, management of their business stress points, and partner in cost overview for customer profitability.

All American Logistics manages our customers' business daily at the transactional level. We partner with our clients to deliver creative and flexible options for greater overall efficiency and financial value to the overall transportation budget.

We have customized transportation software that offers the following:

  On-Time Pickup Report
  Transit Time Report
  Transportation Cost Report
  Downloadable Proof of Delivery
  EDI Capability




about us
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